Wondom Bluetooth Speaker Amp Board Setup & Troubleshooting

How To Setup & Get Rid Of Feedback From The Sure Wondom Amp Board

When I first saw the Wondom Bluetooth amp board from Sure, I couldn't contain my excitement. I feel a large barrier for some people into DIY speaker building is the intimidation of the electronics. I had been waiting for a high-quality Bluetooth board with an aux input that was DIY friendly. The option to add an 18650 lithium ion battery board really put it over the edge. I ordered four as soon as I could.

Watch the video to see how that ended, but in short, this board doesn't quite live up to my expectations. First of all, the documentation is awful and confusing. The speaker wires are all black and unlabeled. (I made my own board connector guide that you can download above) The second major issue is the feedback. When the aux input connector is installed to the board, horrible feedback comes from the left channel while listening through Bluetooth. Luckily, there is a fix. Simply remove the "KEY2" pin from the aux connector. The downloadable guide above has a diagram showing which pin to remove. I believe this pin is used to send a signal to the board that switches from Bluetooth to aux input when a cable is inserted into the jack. I tested both Bluetooth and the aux input, with this pin removed, with no problems.

So, is this the be all, end all, DIY speaker builders Bluetooth amp salvation that it could have been? No, not really. But I believe it is the best option we have, for now. And it's still a great board for those of you that are new to powered speaker building. Follow my guide, hook up that battery board, add a few speakers, and have fun!