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My Patreon page is an excellent way to help me continue to make as many free YouTube videos as I can. As a thank you to contributing even a dollar to my channel, you are entered into a monthly drawing of a speaker I made in one of my build videos, a KMA Speaker Building Kit, or another awesome prize I have lined up for that month. These contributions will help me make more speaker build videos and how-to videos. Thank you so much for your support!

Speaker Build Kits & Plans

If your looking to build your first (or just your next) DIY speaker, purchasing one of my speaker kits or plans is a great way to help support the channel. One of my favorite parts of doing Kirby Meets Audio is being able to introduce new people to the hobby of DIY speaker building and every time you purchase a kit or plan you are helping me continue to make videos. Thank you so much for your support!